The Truth About Branding

Let’s talk about brand development–or “branding,” as it’s known in the world of marketing and advertising.    Most folks think of a brand as an organization’s name, logo, type treatment, color palette, and tagline. Except, these are simply brand elements. When done well, these things can effectively reinforce a brand’s promise of value—but they’re still just […]

How to Write Branding Copy

I never show clients what they want to see in the initial round of branding copy. My job as a copywriter requires that I be two people. One is to think tactically about goals, benefits, target audiences, and so on. The other is to be completely disconnected from the brand. It’s an absurd way of […]

The Truth About Brainstorming

Brainstorming. It’s a valuable business concept that makes us valuable members of a team. Except, it’s a death knell to creativity.

The Rise of the Internal Ad Agency

Once upon a time you hired an agency to build amazing ad campaigns, and place that content in places people congregate. Not much has changed.

Building the Perfect Website

Everyone wants the perfect website. But it’s more than “doing SEO.” You have to keep people in mind throughout the process. SEO will take care of itself.