On Billing for Creative Work

I was sitting in my first big client meeting where we were rebranding a Fortune 200. There were four of us from the agency at the table, while the other six seats were filled by C-level folks from the company. About ten minutes into the meeting, after the executives from the company had finished their […]

The Truth About Branding

Let’s talk about brand development–or “branding,” as it’s known in the world of marketing and advertising.    Most folks think of a brand as an organization’s name, logo, type treatment, color palette, and tagline. Except, these are simply brand elements. When done well, these things can effectively reinforce a brand’s promise of value—but they’re still just […]

How to Write Branding Copy

I never show clients what they want to see in the initial round of branding copy. My job as a copywriter requires that I be two people. One is to think tactically about goals, benefits, target audiences, and so on. The other is to be completely disconnected from the brand. It’s an absurd way of […]

The Truth About Brainstorming

Brainstorming. It’s a valuable business concept that makes us valuable members of a team. Except, it’s a death knell to creativity.

The Rise of the Internal Ad Agency

Once upon a time you hired an agency to build amazing ad campaigns, and place that content in places people congregate. Not much has changed.